Features Advantages
Small auto mixing tip Less cement waste in mixing tip
Ideal coenstistency More practical
No etching – No priming – No bonding Time and money saving
Easy removal of excess Faster use
No post-operative sensitivity No discomfort for the patient
Strong and moisture-tolerant Longer stability in time

– OverCEM SA Translucent 9,5 g auto-mixing syringe
– OverCEM SA Universal 9,5 g auto-mixing syringe
– OverCEM SA Opaque 9,5 g auto-mixing syringe
– T-Mixer Regular
– T-Mixer Wide + Endo Tips

Innovative Dual-Curing Self-Adhesive Resin Cement

OverCEM SA dual-curing self-adhesive resin cement 100% Italian eliminates the need to etch the tooth and the use of primer and/or adhesives with the advantage to save time.

Innovative self-adhesive formula, thanks to the perfect interaction of two adhesive monomers: 10-Mdp (dental tissues and zirconia) and 4-META (metals and dental tissues), it reaches excellent adhesion levels.
OverCEM SA is multifunctional cement tested to Zirconia, Ceramics, Metals, Lithium Disilicate, Posts and Composites.

It is indicated to cement crowns, bridges, screwed implant prosthodontic, veneer, inlay/onlay, titanium ceramic, Co-Cr Ceramic, fibers posts and metal.

It is available in three shades: Translucent, Universal e Opaque.


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