NeoPUTTY® is a premixed bioactive bioceramic root and pulp treatment material with superior handling properties, promoting hydroxyapatite formation to trigger the healing process.

Its firm, non-tacky consistency, wash-out resistance and bioactivity makes it the preferred material for every pulp need. NeoPUTTY delivers a ready-to-use material for immediate placement with zero waste, saving cost and chair time.

Features and Benefits

  • Highest radiopacity in its class
  • 3 year shelf life with no dry out
  • Perfect consistency with no mixing
  • Zero waste


  • Direct pulp capping
  • Partial pulpotomy
  • Pulpotomy and apecogenesis
  • Root resorption
  • Root apexification
  • Indirect pulp capping
  • Cavity liner and base
  • Perforation repair
  • Obturation
  • Root-end filling

Features & Benefits

Bioactive Bioceramic

  • Promotes the formation of hydroxyapatite on the surface to seal and support healing through the release calcium and hydroxide ions.
  • Biocompatible, Non-cytotoxic, Non-genotoxic, initially high in pH (alkaline/basic), which has shown to be antimicrobial in-vitro1.

No dry out

  • NeoPUTTY delivers an ideal firm, low-tack consistency with no dry out between uses.
  • NeoPUTTY has a 3-year shelf life.

Highest radiopacity in its class

  • 8.4 mm Al Equivalent – For better placement check and follow up


  • Dimensionally stable with no shrinkage to ensure a gap-free seal, minimizing opportunity for bacterial infiltration.
  • Resin-free for maximum bioactivity.


  • Won’t discolor teeth – EVER.


SKU ANPPK- 1.2 gm syringe – 16 doses2
SKU ANPSK – 0.65 gm syringe – 9 doses2

1NeoPUTTY is initially high in pH (alkaline/basic) when applied. Literature has shown such products to be antimicrobial in-vitro.
The anti-microbial effect against enterococcus faecalis and the compressive strength of two types of mineral trioxide aggregate mixed with sterile water or 2% chlorhexidine liquid. Holt DM, Watts JD, Beeson TJ, Kirkpatrick TC, Rutledge RE. J Endod. 2007 Jul;33(7):844-7.
2The # of doses varies depending on the treatment. A dose size of 0.075 gm was used here.


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